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Continue The Snowbate Program

Dear Honorable Conference Committee Members, I am writing today to express my support of the MN Film and TV Board’s Snowbate program and urge you to continue this vital program. My name is Jeremy Wilker and I am a filmmaker, small business owner, and board member at...

Local filmmaking podcast

For over a year I’ve had this idea to do a local/regional podcast about the filmmaking ecosystem and scene here in the Midwest (the north). Finally I just decided to create the first episode and put it out in the world. You can check it a out over at Film45 and on...

Sundance 2014

My third year at Sundance definitely meant seeing more familiar faces, more invitations to parties, and the weather was just phenomenal for this Minnesota boy with polar vortex overload. Not even the buggy eWaitlist could get me down for long. Thankfully, the app was...