Pho­to­shop User has post­ed A Quick Look at the New Fea­tures in Pho­to­shop CS3, Pub­lic Beta Pre­view, which Adobe made avail­able today for your perusal.

It would appear that Adobe has made some major improve­ments with­out wreck­ing the effec­tive­ness of the exist­ing prod­uct ver­sion. The Cam­era RAW and Bridge fea­tures alone are prob­a­bly worth the upgrade. BUT… keep in mind that this is a BETA pre­view and TWEAK does not rec­om­mend you use this on live pro­duc­tion work. Install it on an exter­nal dri­ve and mess around with it when you have the time. The new CS3 ver­sion will be released in Spring 2007.

Mac­World has also post­ed a CS3 pre­view arti­cle.

Note: You need to have a valid CS2 ser­i­al num­ber for this beta or it will expire after two days. You com­put­er also needs to be 10.4.8/XP SP 2 or new­er and 1 Ghz G4 or faster. And it is about 750 megs in size so you’ll want high-speed internet!