Hard Disk Warning!

OK, that caught my atten­tion, and prob­a­bly yours as well. So what gives? Why the alarm?

Accord­ing to research and con­ver­sa­tions with sev­er­al hard dri­ve experts con­duct­ed by Final Cut Pro whiz Lar­ry Jor­dan, there is every rea­son to be more cog­nizant of your long-term offline dri­ve stor­age. Your exist­ing plan of back­ing up data to remov­able or exter­nal dri­ves might not be so full of peace of mind as you thought. In his research with sev­er­al disk com­pa­nies he dis­cov­ered that the magnetically-stored data of a disk is designed to be refreshed peri­od­i­cal­ly. Your online dri­ves per­form this action auto­mat­i­cal­ly but your offline dri­ves in your vault are at risk.

“Accord­ing to what I’ve been told, the life-span of a mag­net­ic sig­nal on a hard disk is between a year and a year and a half…”

So, what is the solu­tion? Put an auto­mat­ic reminder on your cal­en­dar every year, or every six months if you want to be real­ly safe, and spend that day hook­ing up your dri­ves and doing a com­plete scan of the con­tents (Lar­ry rec­om­mends Tech­Tool Pro or Dri­ve Genius). One day a year is a small price to pay for long-term via­bil­i­ty of your valu­able archives.

(Via Hard Disk Warn­ing!, from Lar­ry Jordan’s Final Cut Pro Newsletter.)