A while back I had a spot of trou­ble with my Elga­to Eye­TV Hybrid (turns your Mac into a dig­i­tal TV/TiVO) and after run­ning around replac­ing every­thing BUT that device (includ­ing anten­na, cabling, con­nec­tors, wait­ing for excep­tion­al­ly cold win­ter weath­er to break, etc, etc) I was informed that I couldn’t get a replace­ment for it due to expi­ra­tion of war­ran­ty (and this was all hap­pen­ing with con­tin­u­al con­ver­sa­tions with tech sup­port). You would guess right if you thought this real­ly chapped my hide.
A few months lat­er, and the pur­chase of a brand new Eye­TV Hybrid (hey, it works!), some­body from Elga­to shows up on twit­ter and makes con­tact. Inter­est­ing and nice. He hears some of the details of my sto­ry. He men­tions he will send me some­thing to help make up for it. I am intrigued, and hes­i­tant. What could make up for the has­sle and wast­ed time and mon­ey?
A cou­ple weeks lat­er a box shows up and inside is the brand new Turbo.264 HD USB stick! Sweet! I imme­di­ate­ly installed it on my Mac­Book Pro (2007) and con­vert some full HD video to 720p for online view­ing. The results are very good and quite speedy. I was almost con­vinced. So, to con­firm the ini­tial test­ing, I took it down­stairs to my HD home the­ater (1.8 Ghz MacMi­ni with Eye­TV Hybrid) and a few test con­ver­sions lat­er I am com­plete­ly sold. The Turbo.264 HD real­ly does work FAST and with good qual­i­ty. I con­vert­ed sev­er­al episodes of LOST and America’s Test Kitchen that I had saved and con­sis­tent­ly got speeds of slight­ly bet­ter than real-time (about 30–36 frames per sec­ond) on full HD con­ver­sions down to 720p h.264 for­mat for archiv­ing. This type of process would have (and has) tak­en HOURS per show pri­or to the Turbo.264 HD, which means it didn’t hap­pen very much if at all.
The real­ly great thing is that when I shoot video on HD, I can take the super large export­ed final file and pop it into Turbo.264 HD and make a Vimeo/YouTube 720p file in mere min­utes. Which makes the Turbo.264 HD a VERY use­ful bit of kit.