As a film­mak­er, either doc­u­men­tary and nar­ra­tive, there are cer­tain times when you are forced for some rea­son to shoot with avail­able light and in those sit­u­a­tions there are most cer­tain­ly times when that light is too low for your desired shots. This typ­i­cal­ly leads to grainy, noisy video. So, what is a shoot­er to do when they just have to have the shot or the edi­tor isn’t pro­vid­ed a bet­ter shot to work with? Use NeatVideo and clean it up! This $100 plu­g­in is worth its weight in gold (or hard dri­ve stor­age or RED gear or some­thing more valu­able than $100) and real­ly can pro­duce stun­ning results on footage you may con­sid­er unus­able. It takes ren­der time, of course, to clean up all that noise and grain you wish to elim­i­nate, but the results are well worth it. And, unlike some oth­er solu­tions I’ve seen in reduc­ing noise, NeatVideo does an amaz­ing job at retain­ing details and can even sharp­en up your video very nice­ly. Take a look at this sam­ple video I made of two noisy night-time shots (down­load the orig­i­nal clip from Vimeo to real­ly see the details) and I think you’ll be con­vinced.

Demo of NeatVideo plu­g­in from Jere­my Wilk­er on Vimeo.

Note: this is also post­ed over at MN Dia­log