Canon has final­ly released the long-awaited firmware update for the much-loved 5d Mark II HDSLR cam­era, giv­ing it the required video frame rates of 24 and 25 frames per sec­ond and bet­ter audio con­trol. 5d shoot­ers the world over are breath­ing a sigh of relief as their post-production work­flow just got MUCH sim­pler as they no longer need to transcode from 30p video to 24p video.
Over in the Sony world, they also released their long-awaited firmware update for the EX1/EX3 Cineal­ta cam­eras to sup­port the new, cheap­er, SXS-1 cards and SD/MemoryStick adapter cards. Cheap­er, longer record­ing times are now yours, EX own­ers. [Note: I per­formed the upgrade the oth­er night and it went very smoothly]