If some very unsci­en­tif­ic test­ing in the stu­dio the oth­er day, it would appear that the lat­est beta 2 of Adobe Light­room 3 with teth­ered shoot­ing sup­port is just as fast and often times even faster than any oth­er method, includ­ing Cap­ture One Pro 5 and the offi­cial Canon soft­ware. Looks to be a very promis­ing release when it comes out and I know sev­er­al peo­ple that will like­ly switch to only use Light­room as soon as it is fea­si­ble. Espe­cial­ly since it also appears to more sta­ble and less bug­gy then cer­tain oth­er apps (ahem, C1P). Tests done on a cur­rent PC lap­top and a Mac Pro with 12 gigs of RAM and two Canon 5d Mark II cam­eras. Have you tried it and would you con­cur? What oth­er things would make you switch? Over­lays? Col­or ren­der­ing tweaks?