There was a lot of inter­net buzz amongst the DSLR com­mu­ni­ty in the past 48-hours when it was recent­ly announced (leaked, teased… make up your own def­i­n­i­tion there) on YouTube and var­i­ous oth­er blogs that some intre­pid hack­ers had come up with a firmware hack for the Canon T2i/550d DSLR cam­era (you know, the one that sells for about $800) that could enable it to shoot at 2k, 3k and even 4k res­o­lu­tion. Yeah, some­thing that only $20,000+ cam­eras seem to be able to pull off. Nat­u­ral­ly, every DSLR film­boy went gaga in the YouTube com­ments (until they were shut off) and on twit­ter over the sup­posed details.

Now, the long-awaited time has come and it has been announced:


  • Gets you super frothy
  • Demon­strates well-executed hoax/prank to high­ly tar­get­ed audience


Instead of going for RED/ALEXA ter­ri­to­ry and hav­ing very lim­it­ed func­tion­al­i­ty, in my opin­ion we’d all have been much bet­ter served by some­body focus­ing on mak­ing real firmware deliv­er tru­ly usable pro­duc­tion specs such as:

  • 50 to 100 MBps data rate
  • 4:2:2 col­or­space
  • 1080p/60 and 1080p/120 frame rates
  • full 8-bit out­put via HDMI with­out screen overlays
  • no alias­ing or moire

Want a real firmware update to make your DSLR more usable for video? Then there is only one proven place to go: Mag­ic Lantern Firmware Wiki