Did you jump right in and down­load Final Cut Pro X today? Did you get your mind read­just­ed to the new edit­ing par­a­digm? Did you freak out when you couldn’t get your XDCAM footage into FCPX? And then have anoth­er lit­tle freak out about what you had done when you saw the unre­lent­ing tweet stream?!

Relax. Keep in mind this is a total reboot of Final Cut Pro and you can still keep on using Final Cut Pro 7 side-by-side. Use the new one when you have free time or short­er projects, but rely on FCP 7 for your big jobs for now.

But back to our lit­tle dilem­ma… you read that FCPX sup­ports native DSLR footage and XDCAM footage and this and that, but how the heck do you import your EX1 or EX3 clips into the project?! There is no appar­ent way to do so as import­ing the native files just pro­duces a sol­id green clip (hard­ly use­ful, even for envi­ron­men­tal projects) and there is no Log & Trans­fer any­more!

Here is the fix: There is no “native” XDCAM EX sup­port (unlike native DSLR sup­port) in the new FCPX — you still have to use Sony soft­ware to “wrap” your XDCAM files into a Quick­time file and then import your clips from there. And the new XDCAM Brows­er won’t do the trick, nor will the Clip Brows­er, no, you have to use some­thing you may not have used before: XDCAM Trans­fer. If you think of XDCAM Trans­fer as your new Log & Trans­fer win­dow, I guess it is about the same, it just feels wrong to have an “evo­lu­tion­ary” new video edi­tor and need to switch out to an old­er third-party appli­ca­tion for a codec that has been around for so long now.