I just fin­ished shoot­ing my sec­ond fea­ture film, Death To Prom, and there are a cou­ple of tools that I would like to pass along that were indis­pens­able: a bat­tery charg­er (so I could sleep) and a mon­i­tor (so I could see).

SWIT Charger

The first one is the SWIT 3602F dual chan­nel bat­tery charg­er. It charges Sony NP-F970 bat­ter­ies very very rapid­ly and two of them simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, so a four-battery charge can be done in a mat­ter of hours instead of hav­ing to wake up every four hours and change just a sin­gle bat­tery. I real­ly real­ly thought that this was a worth­while invest­ment as it costs about the same (and is the same size) as an offi­cial Sony single-battery charg­er (which I almost bought), so look it up and get one in your bit of gear today. It let me sleep a lot better!

Marshall V-LCD70MD

The sec­ond item is a mon­i­tor. I looked at sev­er­al mon­i­tors (IKAN, Small­HD, Mar­shall, and TVLog­ic) over the past six months and just wasn’t con­vinced that any of them were the per­fect solu­tion (if there was one). There were high price tags, mediocre reviews, low-resolution pan­els and oth­er fac­tors that turned me off. Just a week before we start­ed film­ing I heard that Mar­shall had a new 7″ IPS HDMI mon­i­tor com­ing out that sound­ed like it cov­ered all the things I desired. The local deal­er called for me and found out that they had six of them ready to ship out to the first cus­tomers. One of them was me. And what a joy! The V-LCD70MD is thin and large and bright and sharp and lasts quite a long time with an NPF bat­tery. It has HDMI in and out and an option to upgrade to HDSDI in the future. Some of the fea­tures include peak­ing, false col­or, clip­ping, wave­form, 1:1 zoom, audio meters, cus­tom mark­er guides, and DSLR pre­sets. There are 1/4″-20 mounts on each side. I love this thing and after a month of using it dai­ly, I can’t imag­ine going with­out it in the future. One addi­tion: spend a few bucks and get some right-angle HDMI adapters from Mono­price. High­ly recommended.