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Sundance 2014

My third year at Sun­dance def­i­nite­ly meant see­ing more famil­iar faces, more invi­ta­tions to par­ties, and the weath­er was just phe­nom­e­nal for this Min­neso­ta boy with polar vor­tex over­load. Not even the bug­gy eWait­list could get me down for long. Thank­ful­ly, the app was…

3 Reasons Your Indie Film Just Got More Expensive

Atten­tion indie film­mak­ers: Your bud­get isn’t near­ly big enough and it just got a lot hard­er to get into iTunes. Why? Acces­si­bil­i­ty, lan­guage, and rat­ing require­ments.

Shazam Bugs Your Life

I recent­ly saw the new Star Trek movie with my wife (we enjoyed it quite a bit) and in the pre-movie adver­tis­ing there was an advert with a Shaz­am logo on it and if you tagged the ad audio using your Shaz­am app it would hook you up to a store site so you could…