Apple today introduced the iPhone, perhaps your ultimate work/life digital assistant. Because it combines three products — a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and an “internet communications device with desktop-class email, Web browsing, searching and maps” — into one swanky and lightweight device, you won’t ever be caught unprepared again when away from the office, on location, or maybe just hanging at home.

A 2-megapixel camera means you can zing off a concept or style idea in just a couple of clicks. The quad-band GSM phone means you have great coverage. The built-in EDGE and WiFi means you get online most anywhere with abundant speed.

It has a gorgeous screen and a dynamic touch interface — no buttons or stylus! It actually runs OS X so you get real email, real web surfing, real Widgets, iPhoto, iTunes, Address Book, Calendar synching, visual voicemail, conference calling, etc, all in a super-sleek powerful multi-tasking environment.

The (slight) drawback? It won’t be out until June for $499 or $599 and only on Cingular. But you can sign up now to be notified of its release!