Canon just announced their new 18-megapixel T2i (also known as the 550D) digital SLR with 1920×1080 24p HD video recording for only $799 (body only, $899 with kit lens). Filmmakers and video geeks are pretty excited. With all the desired video modes (24p, 25p, 30p @ 1080 and 50, 60 @ 720), manual control, 18-megapixels, full range of Canon EF lenses, and ISO range from 100-6400 (ie: great in low light), what’s not to like? This is the little brother to the Canon 7D, but don’t overlook it because it is cheaper. This camera just brought HD filmmaking and video production (as long as you know the limitations and workflows) to the masses in style. Check out my Amazon store for a recommended HDSLR starter package!

Rebel T2i vs 5Dmkii from paramon on Vimeo.