Now that everything has been wrapped up in regards to the first Moving Into Motion DSLR Video Workshop, it is time for a brief recap.
There was building tension in the community about still shooters being asked to “just shoot some video” on set and how to best handle such requests. Some felt that this growing change was going to be even more disruptive than the transition from film to digital (I would agree). At the prodding of Bruce from MN Digitechs and several client requests, along with support from George and Karin at Studio 1414, it was decided that a crash course in HD video production for photographers should be conducted as soon as possible. Just a few weeks later, the first Moving Into Motion workshop was held.
The evening event, which covered all (pro and con) aspects of shooting video with DSLRs through post-production, was very successful, with 55 attendees of various backgrounds (although most were professional photographers). Most were Canon owners, many had started dabbling with video already, and they were all eager to learn everything possible.
The collected feedback was great, with most comments asking for an even longer session and even more information, which was much to my surprise as I thought three hours was going to be long enough (to be honest, I did create a very dense curriculum).
This in-depth session will be repeated again in the near future and due to the high demand, an all-day real-world hands-on workshop is in the works as well.
Things I learned in the process: a short-throw projector lens is desirable for a larger image, a last-minute order for even more chairs and tables is expensive, double-check on all food orders the day before the event, have better event signage on the street for parking, and having a good network of friends with various talents truly is priceless.
Much thanks for support goes to Bruce, Nate and David of MN Digitechs, George and Karin @ Studio 1414, Chris @ Shelter, Raoul @ Flashlight, West Photo, ThinkTank Photo, Adobe Lightroom 3, ASMP, MN WIFT, 4i Production, Handy Filmtools, Camera Motion Research, Karl, Donn, Jack, Emily, Craig, and Stefan.
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