AbelCine has a new brief posting with an overview of lenses for Sony’s F3 camera coming out next month. I’m very excited by the possibilities of different glass on this new camera as the old Sony EX3 had interchangeable lenses but the reality wasn’t of much use, due to magnification factors of up to 5.4X on 35mm lenses (one of the drawbacks of the smaller 1/2″ sensor but great for wildlife/extreme telephoto work). The new Nikon and Canon adaptors for the F3 still have a slight magnification of about 1.5X with full frame lenses, but I can live with that as it is about the same as using a full-frame lens on a DSLR like the 7D, 60D or T2i.

Confused about the magnification and sensor size? See AbelCine’s Sensor Comparison Chart, too.

Note: the three Sony Prime lenses (35mm, 50mm, 85mm) look to cost almost $6000, which, if they hold up to the standards of other PL primes, is a pretty nice price.